About Us

Snapsh gives you more to see in every single search!

When searching around for anything online, sometimes you need more than a quick answer, fact or a small chunk of information. Snapsh is the answer when you just crave for more! It’s a search engine that facilitates and encourage the discovery of valuable content from different sources in an engaging visual way.

Snapsh gives you more options and oftentimes that’s precisely what you need.

Through a strong emphasis on visuals, smart content filters and other slick features, Snapsh makes it a breeze to discover awesome things and relevant content online.

Snapsh is a joy for the visually-oriented people, who prefer to scan a visual board where results are organized in form of visual cards, rather than a list of plain text and links.

Snapsh is a the ideal search engine for the visually-oriented people of the world.

Snapsh’s search engine is based on Google’s core search technology and hence you can be confident that you are are getting high quality, relevant results.


We strive to foster and encourage the appreciation and embracing of the strength of learning that comes from diversity of views, experiences, and knowledge.


Become the search engine of choice for those who value variety in search results, and a more comprehensive and diverse resources set.

How it works?

When you search, Snapsh provides a visually rich experience, where results are laid out as a gallery of visual cards; Your eyes will thank you!

Organic results are displayed as visual cards.
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Snapsh aims to facilitate the discovery of useful, relevant and interesting content, links, articles, insights, news, resources and civil discussions about their queries and interests, in a refreshing visually-oriented way where results are displayed as visual cards with images, thus making it a breeze to scan through results and indeed showing up to 50% more results above page fold* (on most desktop/tablet screens) than regular list-based search engines.

*The term page fold is used for the imaginary line between the part of the page you can see without scrolling and the part of the page you can see when you scroll down.

Under the hood

Snapsh’s search engine is based on Google’s core search technology. In addition to it, we apply our own algorithms that analyze each query and dynamically adjust the preset filters.

Bypass the Filter Bubble

The “Filter Bubble” is the algorithm prevalent in most online services that presents you what you already like, agree or are familiar with..

Snapsh also enables you to minimize the effects of the filter bubble, allowing you to get more relevant, insightful and unbiased content.

We don’t factor users’ browsing history, cookies and personal information in our search results, thus effectively bypassing or reducing the filter bubble, by removing some of its most potent individual influence signals, while still getting relevant search results provided by Google.

How does Snapsh reduce the effects of the filter bubble for its users?

  1. Omitting browsing history and personal information as signals to influence results.
  2. Your results aren’t biased by who you are, other sites you visit or your past search history.
  3. Displaying more organic results in a single view and a visual layout based on cards that make it faster to scan through results.
  4. Providing a dynamic set of preset tabs to easily filter by context-enriching sources/types of content.
  5. Through snapsh’s Power-Ups , enabling instant access to relevant resources according to your required information or identified intent.

Our Visual Approach

A board of slick visual cards enhanced with images makes for an easier and more enjoyable way to scan through search results than a dull list of links and text, thus encouraging users to consider opening sites beyond the first 3 positions.

Snapsh is a like a dream for Visually-oriented people: The kind of person that prefers physical placement and visual cues to convey information.

Main Features

  • Preset tabs to filter queries by selected context-enriching sources/types of content:
    – News
    – Quora
    – Wikipedia
    – Reddit
    – Medium
    – YouTube
    – .EDU sites.
  • Optional results ordering function by date.
  • Slick and functional cards design allows for easier and faster results scanning.
  • The multi-column fluid layout enables more results per page fold on most desktop/mobile screens.
  • Always improving algorithm that filters out malicious sites, sources of fake information and useless noise.
  • Powers: get things done instantly; learn more..

Slash powers are instant actions/tasks or commands you can trigger to get quick tasks and things done, get instant information and answers for intent-driven searches, go to search results from other sites, among other goodies.