Snapsh is a leap forward in internet searching experience. We are not only about the top result, but the wonders you can discover in the way. We believe if you can enjoy while searching you’ll discover more wonderful content and things!

Snapsh is evolving the web search experience fromĀ a text-centric interface to a visually-rich one, more in line with the way younger people think and use the Internet.

Snapsh leverages on some of today’s more dynamic and prevalent user-generated content platforms like Quora, Reddit and Medium, enabling users to discover valuable content, civilized discussions, insightful articles and information in a more visual way.

Snapsh doesn’t track you and doesn’t store, sell or share your personal data. And your searches are always fully encrypted.
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Bottom line: You get unbiased results and respect for your privacy.

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Snapsh lets you find relevant web content more efficiently than you could before, by displaying results in a richer, more visual way, from a set of key content platforms.