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Is Snapsh for you?

If you can benefit of getting more relevant options for every search and/or you prefer a visually-rich display of content, then probably you should give Snapsh a try.

Why this is not your typical search engine?

🤩 Visually-rich Interface

Results are displayed as a gallery of visual cards 🎴🎴🎴, making it easier to scan through a wider range of relevant results.

🤹‍♀️ More great options at once

Snapsh gives top priority and focus to organic search results, showing more of them at once*

🛡️ Epic Filters: Netflix, Reddit, etc

According to your search query, Snapsh can show extra sets of results directly from News sources and awesome prominent content platforms like Reddit, Pinterest, Quora and Netflix.

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* Compared to conventional search engines in desktop/tablet.